Focusing Areas for Oracle Professionals

  1. Engineered Database Systems
  2. In-Memory Database
  3. Software in Silicon
  4. Big Data Linked to Existing Data
  5. Sharding for Easier Global-Scale OLTP
  6. Complete Data Protection
  7. JSON Growing in Popularity, Now Integrated with SQL
  8. Container Databases
  9. Cloud-Based Databases
  10. Coexistence of Cloud and On-Premises Databases

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Author: jee

Oracle Engineered Guy work for Oracle Corp. Techno-addict for Exadata, SuperCluster, ODA, RAC, ASM, HA.Fusion Music Enthusiast,Son,Husband,Father, Information-news- Freak, Optimist, Humanist. Interests : Technology, Innovation, Sharing interesting content. Views expressed on this account are my own and don't necessarily reflect the views of Oracle & its affiliates.

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